Data Protection Policy

[Last review date: June 2020]

1. Evo-Tec Installation Ltd aims to comply with the six data protection principles of the Data Protection Act 2018. They require that:

processing be lawful, fair and transparent

the purposes of processing be specified, explicit and legitimate

personal data be adequate, relevant and not excessive

personal data be accurate and kept up to date

personal data be kept for no longer than is necessary

personal data be processed in a secure manner

2. Evo-Tec Installation Ltd will deviate from this policy in exceptional circumstances. These include:

where there is clear evidence of fraud

to comply with the law or to assist proper authorities in civil and criminal enquiries

in connection with legal proceedings

where it is essential to enable the company to carry out its duties, e.g. where the health and safety of an individual would be at risk by not disclosing the information or where there is a legal requirement to do so

anonymous disclosure for statistical or research purposes, or similar

3. Evo-Tec Installation Ltd will review its Data Protection Registration annually for completeness and accuracy. The company will also review the purposes for which it holds personal data annually at Management Review.

4. Within Evo-Tec Installation Ltd the Managing Director is the Data Protection Officer. It is the responsibility of the Data Protection Officer to secure compliance throughout the company with this and other relevant policies. This policy grants the Data Protection Officer the powers necessary to do this, subject to constraints imposed by other policies, procedures and the like.

5. All Managers are obliged to inform the Data Protection Officer of any of their proposals which may have an impact on the company’s data protection capability. In particular, any employee planning to develop any method (e.g. spreadsheet) for the purposes of holding personal data must tell the DPO in advance to allow the data protection aspects to be assessed and necessary data protection procedures to be devised and implemented.

6. Evo-Tec Installation Ltd will protect data by controlling access to its premises and will train staff in data protection principles and practices relevant to them. It will cover data protection in the staff induction programme.

7. Evo-Tec Installation Ltd will hold personal data for periods set out in its Quality Management System.

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