How access control and door entry systems protect your business?

Such systems allow you to control who enters your premises and when. This can be done via a user operation, i.e. answering an audio or video call unit, or automatically using a wide range of reading devices locally at the entrance, or connected via a central control unit. 

We can specify the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of door entry systems, all in compliance with relevant standards and codes or practice. Whether you require a new system, or your existing system needs upgrading, we offer a full range of services. 

A wide range of door entry systems

EVOTEC can design a door entry system to suit almost all situations and budgets. The most common devices are either audio or video call points at the entry door linked through to a reception area. A visitor will call on arrival; the responsible person will answer the call and typically open the door using a button on the answer unit.

The next level would be a system combining the call points with either a card / token reader or pin code unit. This will ensure that regular staff can move freely through the entrance without having to call, and visitors can be screened.

Moving on would be a control system that reads cards / tokens at many doors throughout the premises. Each member of staff would have a unique card, and the system could be programmed to automatically allow only authorised members of staff to enter areas that are necessary for their work and restrict them from unnecessary areas. These systems would typically sit on the existing IT network and be controlled by the receptionist, who could also issue visitor passes that only allow the access to the necessary parts of the building.

In high security applications, i.e. IT rooms and highly sensitive areas, the above systems can be combined with biometric readers to ensure that the correct person is entering the area.

Paxton Gold installers

As registered Paxton installers, we have been trained by the industry experts to ensure that all products are installed with the greatest knowledge and expertise. We will help you to find the best solution for you and your building. 

See Paxton website for more details. 

Supported access control and intercom manufacturers: Paxton, HikVision, TDSi, SALTO, BPT, Comelit, Videx, Dahua, Galaxy and others.

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