Why use a CCTV system? 

The need for some level of surveillance within homes and businesses as a crime deterrent is obvious, and for this reason camera makers have come up with a variety of closed-circuit television systems, known by the general term CCTV. Unlike TV stations which broadcast a general signal for any television to receive, a CCTV system sends its signal to a central point for observation and records the cameras onto a digital video recorder or DVR for later playback. The pictures can also be transmitted over broadband for viewing remotely on a variety of devices including Android or iPhones, various tablet devices and internet connected PC’s etc.

Digital CCTV Systems

CCTV systems have moved into the digital age with IP CCTV cameras now becoming widely used, these CCTV or IP cameras can be integrated into home or business security systems over existing IT and data networks for viewing on local networks, smartphones and internet connections worldwide.


Substantial advances in camera technology and manufacture in recent years has not only brought the cost of CCTV systems to affordable levels for both commercial and domestic users, the resulting improvement in the quality of the pictures and digital recording quality has meant that even the most budget priced system can reproduce clear and definable pictures.

EVOTEC will visit your business free of charge, carry out a thorough survey of your premises and make professional recommendations as to your CCTV requirements. We will then install your CCTV equipment to the agreed specification to ensure that your business premises are secure. 


24/7 Automated CCTV Maintenance Checks 

Ensure your CCTV is working when you need it most. In addition to remote access via on-site broadband and ability to control it on your smart devices for live viewing and playback, the whole CCTV system can be linked with our online software that automatically monitors the health of all CCTV devices: cameras, recorders and links in between. Any faults and/or issues would be reported every hour, so there would be no surprises of missing footage should a need arise to recover important data. 


EVOTEC CCTV health-check system automatically performs these essential maintenance checks: 

  • Reports when the connection to the CCTV system fails or the system goes offline 
  • Detects if a camera has developed a fault or is tampered with 
  • Detects hard disk failures of if it stops recording 
  • Reports if the system is recording for less than expected duration 
  • Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with 
  • Detects if the camera images are too bright or dark, out of focus, or out of alignment 

Our online service system autonomously logs into each CCTV system every hour and performs a number of maintenance checks, such as Camera Status, Disk and Recording Status, Time Accuracy, an more. Issues are detected and reported when they occur, and service teams can be sent Status Report emails showing which systems require remedial action. 

Supported CCTV brands: Hikvision, Dahua, Samsong, Axis, Bosch, IDIS, Vista, FLIR, Wisenet and others.

VCA (Video Analytics)

The intelligent video analytics is a technology that is used to analyze videos for specific data for example behavior, objects or attitudes.  The biggest challenge here is the amount of data to be processed. If all images are transmitted in real time and in very high quality, extremely large quantities of data are produced which not only results in high costs for storage media and hard disks. Furthermore, the analysis of the images requires much time.


The video analytics helps to reduce the data volume.  Due to the special filters, the camera only transfers what is requested. The video images are already analysed and evaluated before either stored in camera or transmitted to management- or storage. Thus, the network as well as the performance is relieved, personnel and storage costs are reduced and time is saved.


Furthermore, false alarms can be reduced to an absolute minimum. A self-learning algorithm automatically adapts to environmental changes, ignoring light changes due to cloud formation, artificial light and auto-iris camera operation as well as repetitive movements such as swaying trees or rippling water.


VCA for retail industry

Due to an increasing competitive pressure in the retail market, it is more and more important for retailers to create a great shopping experience for their customers, Therefore retailers initially need to know customer requirements. So far, time consuming and expensive research was needed to determine this information. This is why the new retail software was developed to count customers at different times and places and determine how long they dwell at what place. With different reporting tools like heat maps or hot spots results are presented clearly. Based on this data customer needs can be identified quickly. Thus, you can optimise your store and gain a substantial advantage over competitors. 


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